Nicolette Saina

My History of Successes with Out-of-the-Gate FIRSTS:

MY FIRST EVER film (an NFB documentary co-production that I wrote, produced and directed) became the top selling educational video in Canadian schools and aired prime-time on CBC for many years.  It inspired a five year follow-up version for which I got RBC to sponsor and to also purchase complimentary copies for every school library in the country.  A later U.S. version aired on PBS and was a NYTimes TV magazine highlight of the week.

MY FIRST EVER dramatic TV movie (which I creatively shaped and led the $4.8m financing on) won the Gemini for Best TV Movie in Canada. It enjoyed stellar network ratings, garnered two international accolades and sold in almost every country in the world.  

Over the years, I have developed an expertise on both the creative/storytelling and financing sides of the business and have been the lead financing producer in over $20 million of productions.

Some highlights? I've received a Global TV 'Woman of Vision' award, have sat on national and provincial awards juries and also on boards such as the Edmonton International Film Festival. I've been awarded several scholarships for writing, producing and directing, as well as have an Osgoode Certificate in Entertainment Law. I'm also taking on-going long distance credited courses in English Literature from Oxford University and have recently made significant inroads into the Hollywood talent/agent arena. 

MY FIRST EVER high end digital company, ANIMATED FILM GARDENS, INC.?
I'm planning a solid foundation for another out-of-the-gate success story.