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Frequently Asked Questions


What time does the application portal close?

You must submit your application by 3:00pm EST on the deadline date.

I'm interested in applying to BANFF Spark but my company is not based in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, or British Columbia. Can I still apply?

BANFF Spark is supported by government funding through Western Economic Diversification Canada and FedDev Ontario. As such, the program is open only to eligible businesses based in the Western provinces and Ontario, but we are always striving to expand our program offerings to provide support to media professionals from across Canada. We encourage you to explore our other professional development programs, including the Netflix-BANFF Diversity of Voices Initiative, which is open to candidates from all Canadian provinces and territories.

I'm having technical issues with uploading my supporting documents and now the portal is closed. Who can I contact to make sure my application is successfully submitted?

Please remember to complete all fields and start uploading the required documents well in advance of the deadline, as the site may experience higher than normal traffic which could impact loading times. If your application form was saved but fields or attachments did not update correctly prior to the deadline, please email You will not receive an immediate response, but our technical support team will reach out to help you within 2 business days.  

What is an ownership capitalization table?

An ownership capitalization table is an overall list of anyone who has an ownership stake in your business, and their relative shares. 

Can I save my application and come back to it later?

Yes! You can continue to work on all components of your application right up until the deadline. Remember to click “Save” on the Entry Form each time you make a change that you would like to keep. Please note that the interface requires you to have *all required fields* (text boxes and drop-down menus) filled out in some capacity in order to save your progress. You can simply write “hold text” in text boxes and/or choose placeholder selections from the drop-down menus until you are ready to enter your answers. 

DISCLAIMER: We recommend that you start your application well in advance of the deadline as no exceptions will be granted to late applications on the basis of technical difficulties. 

I don’t see a “Submit” button. How do I submit my application?

Our application portal allows you to edit your application as much as you would like right up until the application deadline. As such, there is no formal “Submit” button on the Entry Form. As long as your application has been successfully saved, it will be automatically submitted on the deadline.

My co-founder and I both qualify for the program. Can we apply together?

This opportunity is for individual professional development. Eligible owners may apply separately with the same company, and submissions will receive equal consideration. Please note that applicants will be assessed according to the components of their business as well as their individual professional backgrounds.

Can I apply in French?

As not all of the judges are bilingual, we ask that the main application form be filled out in English. Your supporting materials may be in French.

Can I apply if I’m a temporary resident on a work permit/visa?

BANFF Spark is open only to Canadian residents. In order to qualify, you must retain permanent residency in Canada.

We may be extending the program to international residents. Stay up-to-date with program announcements by visiting our News & Updates page.

I'm a Cohort 1 or 2 participant of BANFF Spark. May I apply to take part in the program again?

In order to provide this opportunity to as many eligible businesses as possible, previous participants of BANFF Spark are ineligible to participate again. We encourage you to explore and apply for BANFF’s other fellowships opportunities, including the Netflix-BANFF Diversity of Voices Initiative.

I’m interested in applying for both BANFF Spark and the Netflix-BANFF Diversity of Voices Initiative. Can I take part in both programs?

We welcome and encourage interested candidates to apply to both BANFF Spark and the Netflix-BANFF Diversity of Voices Initiative. However, on the chance that you are accepted to both programs, you must select one in which to take part. This enables us to provide support and opportunities to as many media professionals as possible each year.