Summandeep Kandola

Summan Kandola is a Vancouver based creative passionate about
personal growth and the power of self-discovery. Summan has
interviewed prestigious creatives including Jazzy B, Sam Roberts Band,
and has produced 100+ community segments in the greater Vancouver
area. Summan partnered with Self Hired, a Vancouver based content
production studio where she proudly co-produced FWE Canada’s
podcast “The Go-To”, social justice driven content for Foot Locker and
produced One Million Trees in partnership with CBC. She is currently in
partnership with CBC directing a documentary titled The Identity of
Wellness - A conversation about the colonization and capitalization of
the wellness industry. Summan is also the Marketing lead at Dank Mart a
confectionary candy company. As well as the founder of xoandhustle and
creator of The Mindfulness Deck. Summan’s goal is to create avenues
for young people to communicate effectively and put action behind their
intentions through mindful products and conversations. Find Summan
Online at, @iamsummankandola & @selfhired.