Shana McCalla

Shana McCalla is a multi-media producer based in the city of Toronto. In 2012, she launched Salemscript Productions Inc. with the intent to tell stories to be released with the current digital landscape in mind. She produced short films and also launched an internet radio station in a span of a few years. After graduation from television broadcasting from Seneca at York University; she began her journey gaining experience working as an administrative assistant, for award-winning producers, here in the city of Toronto. This allowed Shana to understand in-depth, the film financing and tax credit opportunities available to local filmmakers. Over a six-year period, she benefited greatly from the experience gained from mentors. Shana was selected to participate in the BANFF - NETFLIX DIVERSITY program, when she submitted her television series in development "LAKE EERIE" and enjoyed developing her multiple film projects and networking with like-minded individuals, attending two years in a row. Shana works closely with artists of different disciplines, including music, film, visual arts, photography, and live event production. Her goal is to uplift her community through artform. The Banff Spark Accelerator is exactly the opportunity she is looking for to take her projects to the next stage of production.