Eva Grant

Eva Grant (she/they) is based on the unceded territories of the W_ SÁNEC´ and L?kw? ???n peoples. She is a member of the St'át'imc First Nation with patrilineal roots in Skatin, and of mixed Eurasian heritage on her mother’s side. She is a recent graduate of Stanford University’s Comparative Literature Program. Last year Eva worked at Sundance’s feature development program and as the associate producer for the CBC Radio adaptation of the graphic novel, This Place, hosted by Rosanna Deerchild. A recipient of the CMPA Production Mentorship Program, Eva currently works at Eagle Vision as a writer, director shadow, and producer on various projects. An avid writer, Eva’s most recent storytelling projects have been supported by the Indigenous Screen Office, Women in Film and TV, the Whistler Film Festival, the Shine Network, New Constellations, and URBAN x INDIGENOUS. ?