Cher Merlo

Cher Merlo is a veteran of Canada’s film, television and digital production industry with an illustrious career spanning 3 decades. Over the years, she has gained a solid reputation as a reliable, easy-going problem-solver who is best known for her diverse skillsets and longtime passion for consistently delivering service excellence both on and off set.

From June 2020 to July 2021, she worked consecutively across four productions as a Covid Supervisor where she worked with every department to battle the pandemic on set. She witnessed how Covid expedited sustainability in the media / film industry through zoom meetings, paperless solution apps and software yet witnessing so much waste with single use products due to the pandemic. This pushed her to seek education
on how to be greener. She recently completed an intensive program with the University of Cambridge on Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies amongst other studies on sustainability

Cher is a member of the Directors Guild of Canada, active on the Art Department Working Sustainability Group where they are finding companies and compelling resources for greener answers for production design through construction materials. She is very familiar with film equipment, suppliers and which companies are putting energy into research and development of sustainable products. Cher is truly excited about being apart of change and the circular economy model and motivated to lead a company that will act as a resource, educator and able to supply the support a production company would need to implement greener solutions across its departments.