Brooke Woboditsch

Brooke Woboditsch (she/her) is a mixed heritage, Indigenous-Canadian media and broadcast professional who specializes in leadership, accessibility and has a background in television production. Brooke is President and owner of Closed Caption Services (CCS) and has a vision to build better accessibility in media. CCS is a vibrant business that provides high quality accessibility for live and post-production content to broadcasters, municipalities, educational institutions, content producers and filmmakers by providing fast, reliable service in closed captioning and audio description. Prior to working with CCS, Brooke worked in broadcast for over 13 years on a number of productions including as producer for Aboriginal Voices and Chiefs which aired on APTN. Brooke belongs to the Indigenous Women Entrepreneur circle, an initiative led by the Indigenous LIFT Collective, a not-for-profit which aims to collectively lift, amplify, celebrate and connect Indigenous people for a sustainable, thriving, better world. Most recently, CCS has been providing live captions to organizations producing webinars, workshops, meetings via online platforms like Zoom in multiple languages, English, French and Spanish CCS has recently launched an Accessibility Campaign with an original video series highlighting the importance of accessibility.