Shona Grewar

It has been a lifelong dream for me to be a producer in the Canadian media industry and I am confident this program will equip me with the skills to be successful in producing my first television series.

Growing up in the industry, I walked onto set for the first time with my mom and I was immediately in awe. It has always been my end goal to have a production company of my own and I have been working towards this with my business background.
In pursuing a business degree, I developed financial knowledge, leadership skills, and marketing training. I have managed teams, as documented throughout my university experience as a student leader in the Winnipeg community. In my current experience as a Commercial Account Manager at RBC, I have gained vital financial and business affairs experience. On a daily basis, I review loan documents and contracts with lawyers and clients, structure credit and collateral security, and correspond with clients and internal partners to ensure client needs are met. I have a solid understanding of the financing process and a strategic sense in determining the overall health of a business as it relates to profitability, cash management and long-term success.

I have had the good fortune of taking on creative projects in my spare time, where I gained some vital producing experience. I was able to produce two Fringe Festival shows, and recently produced and co-wrote a film for the Manitoba 48 Hour Film Festival.