Kerry Bellegarde

Kerry Bellegarde's first experience in the film and tv industry on Moccasin Flats written and directed by Jennifer Podemski, shot in her hometown, Regina, Saskatchewan. She also acquired certification in Media and Communications and her love of film and tv was sparked. She reached out to Julian Black Antelope an Actor/Proprietor of Herd of 1 Media, She persisted and she witnessed a dynamic story evolve from beginning to end, historically created by a brilliant and energetic director Writer, Show Runner and Proprietor. She trained in several departments, and has since been rehired on Season 2 of the Secret History Series on APTN. She started Brown Bear Claw Films and is working on training to launch her company with lots of experience under her belt. Since then she has moved to Alberta and continued her tv success. She was recently chosen as the Narrator for an upcoming series on Rodeo Nation for APTN. She continues with her sobriety and continues to work on her family. She works endlessly on three productions, one a tv series involving her former neighborhood and friends, and her favorite, a movie about the 8 Warrior hung in Canada, because her bloodlines involved one of them directly. Her desire to storytell and write of the current situation of the First Nations People of Kanata pushes her most, and her desire to overcome the barriers of addictions and poverty.