Brishkay Ahmed

I am a producer in Vancouver in Canada. Recent recipient of the Standout Producer Award (2021) at the Reel World Film Festival (Toronto) where my feature documentary - In The Rumbling Belly of Motherland- also won Outstanding Feature Film Award. I've produced In The Rumbling Belly of Motherland, Fatima In Kabul ( CBC 2021), Unveiled Kohistan Video Scandal ( Amazon Prime) and been the show runner for Between You and Me ( Tolo TV - Afghanistan). My production company, Digital Warriors Productions, is currently on PMDD: a half life a feature documentary intended for the VOD and mobile platforms. I am looking to expand the company to be a viable production force, creating content for and about women and girls - across the globe- through the creative talents and collaboration of BPOC women and girls from Canada. I'm very interested in finding alternative sources of finding via blockchain and NFT tokens and moving the company - and each project as a brand - into the future through the use of disruptive technology that unites rather than divides, allowing for the removal of funding barriers that currently exist in the market for women and BPOC individuals.