Shanyn Maguire

President Of Pendulum films Shanyn Maguire is a film producer who develops compelling material with a distinct authentic perspective making the Director’s vision the forefront in every production.

In 2016 she produced and secured her first film “Freefall” which world premiered at the Independent California Film Festival since then screening all over the world including Russia, Serbia, Bucharest and New York.

In 2019 Shanyn produced a second film titled “Plantonic” that received “Most Outstanding Short Film” at the Reelworld Film Festival out of Toronto Canada and “Best Screenplay” at the Vancouver Short Film Festival.

Her slate is filled with films of memorable stories with diversity in mind that the world needs to see. She is passionate about the creative process and storytelling through a medium that makes her jump out of bed in the morning. She believes that the messages that audiences feel and the characters that we get to know in the film world can entertain yes, but can also be the secret to global unity.