Ell McEachern

Ell has over twenty years experience in production in the Canadian Film and Television industry, and credits on 90+ hours of content. She is recognized not only as an integral leader but a strategic partner, passionate about fostering collaboration. Her love of the film and TV industry lies in seeing a project coalesce from early stages into a powerful concept, partnering with diverse teams to turn it into a reality. Ell’s introduction to the industry was focused on the accounting and finance side — she maintains her membership in the DGC Accounting Caucus, as well as a noteworthy track record of project execution, delivery and successful audits. As a CFA Charterholder, Ell showcases her keen analytical skills. In 2021 Ell founded 3 Story Pictures alongside Saxon de Cocq and Hannah Hermanson. With a focus on collaborative storytelling, 3 Story Pictures aims to tell underrepresented stories in ways that entertain and challenge perspectives. As a producer, Ell cuts through the noise and translates complex roadblocks into strong, actionable initiatives. With an exceptional eye for detail, big picture thinking, and her intelligent and emotional agility, Ell has the drive needed to make projects truly come to life.