Patricia Sims

Producer Patricia Sims founded Canazwest Pictures in 2008 to create purposeful, high-quality documentaries, series, and digital media content for Canadian and international audiences with a primary focus on compelling stories that portray the interrelationships between peoples, animals, and the environment in diverse cultures and locations around the world. Patricia Sims is a Fellow International of The Explorers Club and has collaborated with some of the world’s leading conservation celebrities, scientists and explorers, with a specialization in wildlife and oceanographic productions. She has produced television documentaries and factual series for CBC, Documentary Channel, CityTV, BellMedia, YLE, ARTE, Discovery Channel, TVAsahi, NHK, TBS, non-profit organizations, and the United Nations University. Patricia is also the Founder of World Elephant Day, the annual global awareness campaign that brings the world together to help elephants. Launched in 2012, World Elephant Day reaches over 2 billion impressions in its social media outreach. Now in its tenth year, it is recognized by over one hundred elephant conservation organizations, governments, international media, brands, celebrities and countless citizens worldwide. Canazwest Pictures is an active member of the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA), and Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC).