Tanya Brunel

Tanya, M├ętis from Manitoba, has been developing and producing motion picture, television and digital media content with a focus on Indigenous stories as an integral part of the White Bear Films production team since 2001.

She started as a Production Manager and Line Producer on multiple documentary series and in the fall of 2005 produced her first dramatic feature film entitled Mr. Soul about a serial killer who preyed on Native women. Prior to that she produced 4 seasons of Cool Jobs, a youth series which sought to demystify the workforce for Indigenous youth - and won a Blizzard award in 2000 for Best Children's Program at the Manitoba Motion Picture Industries Association biannual awards.

In 2007 she took a position as the Performing Arts Program Coordinator at the Manitoba Arts Network, the provincial programming body representing community arts councils with a mission to foster arts and culture in rural and northern Manitoba. During her tenure she increased community presenter participation in the North, and Indigenous performer and presenter participation. She also designed an easily accessible electronic block booking tracking system for community presenters and performers; effectively digitizing the entire Performing Arts Program.

She returned to developing and producing content with Juliana & The Medicine Fish in 2016, The Corruption of Divine Providence in 2017 and The First Encounter in 2019.

An alumni of Trans Atlantic Partners and recent participant in Producers without Borders Tanya is exploring increasing international co-production and digital marketing with AR technology opportunities.