Bonnie Thompson

As owner of, and producer with Dreaming Bird Productions, Bonnie Thompson is a veteran Canadian film producer. She has produced numerous television and feature POV documentaries with directors and co-producers across Canada, most projects focusing on social issues and character driven POV feature documentaries. She worked with the National Film Board of Canada for over 30 years in marketing and production before producing independently. Her productions have won awards regionally, nationally and internationally, and have been viewed on big and little screens around the world. Recent productions include the feature documentary Angry Inuk (NFB, CBC, Doc Channel) which won the Hot Docs Audience Award, the Ge┬┤meaux Best Doc Award, TIFF Top Ten Award; the short NFB animation Wildlife, nominated for an Academy Award and a Canadian Screen Award; the ground-breaking NFB interactive documentaries Bear 71 and Invisible World, winner of Webby Awards; and most recently ni^pawistama^sowin: We Will Stand Up (CBC, APTN) which opened Hot Docs 2019, won the Best Canadian feature Documentary Award, and is nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for Best Canadian Feature Documentary.