Amy Tepperman

I began my professional life as an animator working on a range of shows from "The Backyardigans" to "Total Drama Island"/"Action", while also on faculty at Centennial College's Digital Animation program. After nearly a decade in the industry, in 2011 I found myself unexpectedly returning to my childhood passion, "dancing", after being given an opportunity to develop creative movement programming for the public education sector. Nearly 10 years later, I am now a kinesthetic learning expert, curriculum creator and TEDx speaker having worked with students and teachers from over 850 schools nationwide through my organization "Moving EDGEucation". What does that mean exactly? Have you ever imagined that you could explore Fractions as a Breakdancer or Geometry as a Tai- Chi Master? How about Patterning like animals moving through the Pride Lands of Africa, or even The Water Cycle as a Slobbering Zombie?! That's what I do! I've created a giant library of lesson plans for elementary teachers to teach different subjects by getting students up on their feet moving to music - rather than the traditional way of sitting down, paper and pencil in hand. I am now merging my two careers together turning my education curriculum into fun and innovative, story based content for the screen! Through story and characters we'll explore how we can learn "actively" with our minds and bodies while also celebrating everyones diverse learning styles, perspectives, and strengths, showing kids how we are all unique and can thrive in our own special way!