Carol Beecher

Having been intimately involved with the animation community in Alberta for almost 30 years I have gathered in-depth knowledge and experience that encompasses production in traditional and digital 2D and 3D modes, non-profit programming and administration, and post-secondary teaching and curricular development.

As an independent animator I have a solid understanding of the many modes of expression available to this art form, and in 1994 myself and my partner Kevin D.A. Kurytnik formed Fifteen Pound Pink Productions. The body of work that we created allowed us to become NFB filmmakers, with the successful completion in 2017 of our award winning film Skin for Skin.

My interests extend into all forms of expression in the media arts. I am a voracious consumer of books and documentaries on filmmaking, production design, biographies, storytelling, and film and animation aesthetics, and think of myself as a life-long learner. Documentary, live action, and animation are all very distinctive media art forms, but the creative process is surprisingly similar; ideas have to form and be developed, research needs to be done, be it for the subject matter or the visual/artistic approach, and collaboration is essential. Each form also has it's own production pipeline to follow, but organization, problem solving, effective budgeting, and focus to completion are a part of them all. This is what I respect and admire about what we do as creators.