Denise Lee

Denise is the founder of Burlington Films and has proudly served as the Company Director since its inception back in 2015. Her academic studies in Media Business & Post Production served her well during her earlier career path where she was a consultant for numerous television and feature post-productions for the past 14 years. Denise has been a resident of Burlington, Ontario since 2011 and it was there that she found her energies and aspirations were leading her towards environmental protection and sustainable practices.

At the end of 2019, Denise began a grassroots campaign to educate and transform the screen-based industries. This early journey will kick off with the Going Green Conference on which Denise hopes will help educate the public, but will also require producers to use the green production guide strategies outlined.

In April 2019 the City of Burlington declared a climate emergency, joining cities around the world in recognizing the urgent need to take immediate and effective action to address the most significant issue of our time - climate change. Denise has been working to create initiatives within the community to demonstrate action on this critical issue and she would like to see sweeping changes in film productions across Ontario to address the issues of waste, energy efficiency and alternative source energies.

Denise brings her extensive, multi-faceted experience, solution-focus and a dedicated hope for the future to her work and all of her collaborations.