Amy Saunders

Amy Saunders is the CEO and Founder of Toronto-based boutique PR firm, AlphaPR. AlphaPR is known for it’s cutting-edge clients, bold strategies, and commitment to values. Amy Saunders works with clients in both documentary and narrative film, as well as music and books. Amy Saunders has worked at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Warner Brothers, and with AMC Networks, where she has worked with a plethora of talented actors, filmmakers, documentary storytellers, and industry change-makers. AlphaPR’s clients include Hot Docs Best International Documentary Award Winner of 2018, ‘We Could Be Heroes’ by filmmaker Hind Bensari, Hot Docs 2019 Audience Choice Award winner ‘Maxima’ by Claudia Sparrow, 2019 TIFF FIPRESCI winner ‘MURMUR’ by Heather Young, and Hamburg Best Film Bronze winner in 2018, ‘Firecrackers’ by filmmaker Jasmin Mozaffari.

A current candidate for OCAD University's Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation, Amy Saunders brings sustainable foresight to AlphaPR’s campaigns and strategies in their holistic and innovative approaches. She is also the first person to ever walk two “ghosts” down a red carpet at TIFF.

In her free time, she is a drummer, a poet, and avid yogi. She also enjoys crosswords.