Jill Roberts

Jill Roberts is a media producer, director, writer, and communications consultant with over 20 years of professional experience. She has collaborated on feature and short films, documentaries, corporate content, and all genres of media production. After spending a decade in marketing communications for the tech industry, Jill launched The Writing Department in 2014. Her expertise is sought after by experts in diverse industries including museums and cultural institutions, education and the arts, and technology and innovation. Her portfolio includes a book project and exhibition work with the Royal Tyrrell Museum, enterprise-level content strategy and brand development for Alberta University of the Arts, interviews with Deepak Chopra, brand films for Benevity, broadcast commercials for popular restaurant chains, and others. Jill is an enthusiastic supporter of women and diverse groups in media, and is currently writing and directing a short film screening in May 2020 through the Herland Mentorship program. She has three features and a TV series in the works. Please see for further information.