Nauzanin Knight

Nauzanin Knight is a Canadian woman of Caribbean and Middle Eastern descent. Her nuanced stories reflect the uniqueness of her heritage as well as her international life. Nauzanin began her career in creative writing before directing film projects. After publishing her non-fiction book, Nauzanin went on to direct short films like “My Lyric I Never Knew” (CBC Canadian Reflections & GEM 2020), and “From the Grassroots”, a short documentary about the Bahá’í Community of Edmonton. She is in the process of preparing to direct a documentary film UNDETONATED on Female suicide bombers in Nigeria. As a storyteller, Nauzanin is interested in exposing striking stories which tell us about the universality of human emotion despite diversity of human experience. She is to founder and CEO of 1844 Studios Inc. a production company situated in Edmonton Alberta. Her vision for the company is that it becomes in the years to come a top content creation company in the film industry, producing thought-provoking content which resonates with audiences globally and fostering collaborations and partnerships across several regions.