Jenny Ng-Turner

Jenny is a Chinese-Canadian freelance Producer/Director. She began in the film industry as an actor and discovered her aspiration for producing and directing through works in Independent film projects. Her love of the creative arts began as a child in Hong Kong with the 1970’s era of Hong Kong style martial arts film and television.
Her acting journey led her to the 2013 Women in the Director’s Chair in Banff. She was part of the acting ensemble working with talented emerging directors, actors and film crew. She has produced multiple short films and directed her first project A Mother’s Love in 2017. She produced and completed her first Independent feature film A Desperate Road in 2018.
Aside from film work, Jenny is also a practicing registered nurse working in mental health, addictions and integrative health for over 20 years. Most of her practice has been with the inner-city and underprivileged population.
Jenny is also a student of martial arts (Kung Fu) and has been training and teaching for over 20 years. Her current project From Combat to Peace is her first documentary. It is inspired by her experience with her Kung Fu school, which has been in operation in Winnipeg into its 6th decade.
Jenny aspires to produce projects to enrich, immerse and connect people empathetically in variety of mediums. She believes in collaborating with creatives from diverse sectors to create experiences that will push the boundaries of imaginations and open opportunities for compassionate learning and understanding.