Alexandra Bailey

I have been creating films since I was a teenager as a director, writer and producer. My directorial work has been shown by TIFF, VIFF and various others and my photojournalism has been published by Al Jazeera, VICE, CBC, and CTV, among others. I became a member of the Directors Guild of Canada as an Assistant Director when I was 19 and was fortunate to work on television shows such as The Handmaid's Tale, Suits and various others. When I was 21 I worked as a writer's assistant in Los Angeles for Ron Friedman on a Pixar China Animation and live action cross over and in 2017 I worked as a writers’ room intern on the children’s television show: The Next Step. I’m currently a part of the National Screen Institute IndigiDocs Program producing “Trying to Concieve” - a short that follows a queer bi-racial couple having their first baby through IVF. Notable publications include having the Toronto International Film Festival publish an interview with me exploring my work in their Fall 2017 ACTION Report: and helping create and act as a member of the TIFF NextWave Committee, a committee dedicated to open TIFF's doors to those from all walks of life and ages.