Trish Dolman

Producer, Director, and Writer Trish Dolman is the president of Screen Siren Pictures, an independent television and film company based in Vancouver. Trish has spent 27 years in the industry, carving out a niche as a notable documentary, feature film and television producer in BC, Canada and abroad. She’s produced over 13 documentaries, 14 feature films and several international treaty co-productions. Her projects have won acclaim and awards, screening at various marquee international festivals. Trish recently produced Indian Horse, feature film adaptation of the award-winning novel which earned over $1.7 million in Canadian theatres, becoming the most successful English-Canadian release of 2018. Trish also produced and directed Canada In A Day, a hugely successful crowdsourced transmedia project that was then curated and edited into a feature documentary. In addition to the numerous awards her productions have garnered, Dolman herself has gotten attention as one of the most influential women in Vancouver’s media landscape from several organizations, and previously sat on the CMPA Board of Directors. Trish is currently producing The New Corporation, a sequel to the most successful Canadian documentary of all-time; directing Citizen Bio, a feature-length documentary that profiles the biohacking subculture for US cable network Showtime; she is a producer on French Exit, the feature adaptation of Canadian author Patrick DeWitt’s award-winning novel; and is also producing the landmark 4-part documentary series British Columbia – A History for Knowledge Network, which will examine the last 150+ years of British Columbia’s history through a diverse and pluralistic lens.