Amy Fox

I came to film with a background in nonprofit administration; having fought a protracted but successful political and legal battle to save my organization $435,000/year. My first film job was in 2010 as a PM on a series of life-skills videos by and for people with FASD.

Having been part of a transgender stand up comedy routine, in 2012 I founded "Trembling Void Studios" and became the showrunner on a transgender-led webseries called "The Switch," which became a TV pilot, and finally a 6x30' sitcom on Out TV. In 2016 this was the first scripted TV show with a trans lead (or, for that matter, 5 trans main cast). This involved a lot of lateral thinking, like starting a nonprofit to teach media skills to performers with barriers to castability. In large part because of this, I have won a Leo for best performance in a comedy, variety or musical. And I won the 2019 Women in Film and TV award for Innovation.

My company has gone on to specialize in making innovative media in innovative ways. We've made a Japanese-Canadian drama, a local indie film noir, a web/feature hybrid for Warner Bros, and we're finishing our fourth feature, "Indian Road Trip," an Indigenous buddy road trip comedy for APTN.