Moyra Rodger

Moyra is an award-winning producer, entrepreneur, and media industry innovator. She is the founder and CEO of Magnify Digital, a strategy agency specializing in products and services that enable creators to build large and engaged audiences around their TV, film and web content. Moyra and the Magnify team work with media and production companies, celebrity talent, and funders, across all genres.

Prior to launching Magnify Digital, Moyra spent twenty years producing award-winning prime time programming for every major television network in Canada. She expanded into the digital space in 1999 and started Magnify in 2008.

Magnify Digital began as a service agency, offering a turn-key solution for producers looking to outsource their audience building activities. Today, in addition to providing agency solutions, Magnify Digital delivers training under the Magnify Discovery Lab banner. Our latest innovation, ViewerCentricâ„¢, is a first-of-its-kind software solution that makes it faster and easier for content creators, funders and broadcasters to build and measure digital strategies in-house.

Moyra is recognized as a thought leader on the subject of discoverability, audience development, and content strategy. She is a published author, speaker, and consultant.