Alison Duke

Alison “Golde” Duke is an award-winning producer, director and visual artist with over 20 years of experience telling dynamic stories that illuminate the black experience in Canada history. She has a great body of work starting from her cult classic hip hop documentary Raising Kane: a rapumentary (2001) to Promise Me (2019) her recent short film in post-production which illuminates social issues. She has collaborated on many social justice films such as, Yvonne Welbon’s Sisters in Cinema (2007), Andrew Niskers’ Garbage: The Revolution Starts at Home (2008), and Dany Chiasson’s My Joan of Arc (2009). Duke was also the Canadian producer on Thomas Allen Harris’ NAACP award-winning feature documentary Through a Lens Darkly: black photography and the emergence of a people (2014). Recently Alison directed Cool Black North (2019) a two hour TV special for City TV about the contributions of past Harry Jerome Award winners over 40 years to Canada. She also co-wrote and co-produced, Ngardy Conteh George’s Mr. Jane and Finch for CBC Docs POV.