Jessie Behan

Innovator. Female Entrepreneur. Sales leader. Building strategic partnerships has been a strength of Jessie’s throughout her career and allowed her to build a professional network of loyal and trusting clients. Jessie joined Aux Mode in 2015 when it was a bootstrapping MediaTech startup out of the Founders house. Her responsibilities helped solidify the foundation for the business, double the client base, and align strategic partnerships in the entertainment community. Jessie is also an Actress, Voice Talent, and former Viral Video YouTube Sensation (Bridezilla) so she is no stranger to the entertainment industry. Prior to joining Aux Mode, she was a leader in the financial services industry for 8 years. The knowledge she garnered from her Bay Street days was invaluable and her performing arts experience taught her to think outside the box with creative problem solving. The milestones Aux Mode surpasses every year now, are a direct result of Jessie’s ability to provide exceptional business development solutions and strengthen the company’s internal infrastructure. Jessie’s qualifications include: YouTube certification (2015), CSC & CIM designation (2015), Graduate of The Second City Conservatory (2010), Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from York University (2008), & Bachelor of Arts from McGill University (2005).